Social, Youth & Prison

Social / Youth / Prison

Savings to the RGP, Court Services, Social Services, and Prison Service:

Family Group Conferencing

Introduce Family Group Conferencing for young offenders. International studies show FGC substantially reduces reoffending rates and successfully reintegrates young offenders into the community; promoting a safer community with the avoidance of early stigmatisation of our young, in what is a small community. Victims and perpetrators meet with 2 supporters to discuss why the incident happened and to agree the outcome together. Deferring back to RGP/ courts if in breach of the agreement. 

Therapies and Rehabilitation Programs

Introduce therapies and rehabilitation programs in prisons such as drama therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, counselling, yoga, etc. Increased mental and emotional health. Avoids a downward spiral in anti-social behaviour and avoids an increase in more serious offending, which is measurable. 

Animal Therapy Centre

Introduction of an Animal Therapy Centre where unwanted /stray animals are used as a recreational feature of the program and as a therapeutic tool to help teens/ young offenders deal with deeper emotional issues. Students learn to assess their own communication, coping skills, anger, caring and attachment issues through caring for, playing and interacting with dogs and dog therapists lead students on an introspective journey about relationships, responsibility, values and behaviour. These animals and their handlers can then reintegrate in the community by visiting the local elderly, disabled and infirm as contact with animals is proven to aid in recovery (see The Dogs Trust Project UK).

Shopmobility Centre

Re establish the Shopmobility Centre for our community which has recently been removed from the Tourist Office in Casemates and is defunct and inaccessible at Duke of Kent House. Local elderly and ambulant disabled had regular use of this service which allows them mobility and a higher degree of independence. 

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing coupled with counselling for those who suffer long-term mental illness or who have just left prison. Whilst Ocean Views offers some accommodation it is insufficient to meet the demand. This service will provide support and guidance for those in transition in their lives.